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Wimbledon Preview 2023

In a 22-man draw in 1877 the first Wimbledon Championship was held, bearded local Spencer Gore who was also a first class cricketer, won the tournament. He won 12 ‘guineas’, the currency at the time. This years’ Men’s winner will receive A$4.4 million, a figure that would definitely rise if the Saudi’s developed a rival professional tour, competition breeds money. The 2023 Wimbledon begins Monday and the Russians are back after last years’ UK Government ban. Continue reading Wimbledon Preview 2023

Wimbledon Womens Final Preview 2022

Here we have a Tunisian born 27 year old who is the first woman from the African continent to reach a Slam final up against a 23 year old born in Moscow who lives in Moscow yet is allowed to compete at this years Wimbledon because in 2018 she changed nationality to Kazakhstan as their tennis federation were prepared to give her more funding, talk about a good move. It’s two incredible stories; it’s Ons Jabeur vs Elena Rybakina.

Continue reading Wimbledon Womens Final Preview 2022

Wimbledon thoughts week 1 – 2022

Gauff v Anisimova is essential viewing

Get used to this matchup. I have a feeling in the years to come we’ll be seeing a lot of it, which bodes well for Women’s Tennis. Here we have two young dynamos with the charisma and game to keep fans glued to the TV. They’ve only played once at the pro level but in this Wimbledon 3rd round match up we’ll be seeing two future Grand Slam champions in action. Continue reading Wimbledon thoughts week 1 – 2022

Wimbledon Preview 2022

The ‘Big W’ kicks off this week still under the controversy cloud after the ban of Russian/Belarus players and the ATP/WTA decision to retaliate by not awarding any ranking points for the tournament. Apparently the British Government couldn’t bare the thought of a Royal handing the trophy over on the final Sunday to a Russian and that being used for Putin Propaganda. Continue reading Wimbledon Preview 2022