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Mr Inbetween


Ray (Scott Ryan) is a hitman you cheer for, kind of, he’s a thug you don’t want to accidently bump into and not apologize, otherwise he’ll bash you. He kills people on the orders of his boss Freddy, a Kings Cross nightclub owner, but also looks after his wise cracking brother who has motor neuron disease and cares for his eight year old daughter Britt who demands money from people who swear, Ray is ‘Mr Inbetween’, the Foxtel TV series that’s a dark comedy with a flair for the dramatic. Continue reading Mr Inbetween

Quarry, the best TV show you’ve never heard of.

Sometimes you just discover a TV show by flipping the channels or on a friends’ recommendation that exceeds your high viewing standards and further cements your low opinion of the ‘drek’ that is ‘The Block’ and ‘My Kitchen Rules’. TV has come a long way since the days of MASH and Cheers, the writing and acting has improved out of sight. Continue reading Quarry, the best TV show you’ve never heard of.