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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

This is essentially a buddy movie, actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a chain smoking fragile TV actor whose Western series has not long been cancelled, he is finding his way into movies, mostly as a villain, his seemingly only friend is his stunt double mate Cliff (Brad Pitt), who drives him around, looks after his house and motivates him when needed. Continue reading Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Sicario – Day of the Soldado

Domestic terrorism has penetrated America’s borders, the jihad is causing havoc in the Midwest and it doesn’t play well politically, the hammer is about to be dropped but everything needs to be ‘off the books’ or if you like under the cloak of ‘plausible deniability’. You know, in case an elected official ends up in some closed door hearing before Congress. What did Schultz say in Hogan’s Heroes ‘I know nothing’. Continue reading Sicario – Day of the Soldado

All the money in the world

Greed is good so said Gordon Gecko. Take that to another level with J.Paul Getty, (Christopher Plummer) once the richest man who had ever lived. Now add in a level of frugal, which defies belief of someone that rich, a man who cares more about his artwork than paying the ransom for his own Grandson who in July 1973 in a Rome Piazza has been by kidnapped by an Italian crime mob. Continue reading All the money in the world