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The seduction of Darwin

Midnight Oil may have been the reason to visit Darwin but after spending 6 days in this sun drenched town, it offered up many other gems. As I was learning about the ‘Top End’ capital I marveled at its resilience as it’s fought back from devastation four times in its history, Cyclones in 1897 and 1937, the Japanese air raids in World War 2 and the brutal Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Continue reading The seduction of Darwin

Music fans will be burning the Midnight Oil

Sorry, that was a juicy pun; I had to go there. Anyway, fans of Aussie Rock n Roll are rejoicing harder than a Russian hacker over that Trump win as that tallish bald guy with the epileptic dance moves and shady political past has gotten the band back together and ‘the Oils’ are headed on a world tour.

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