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Flour Eggs Water by A Tavola


This is the crazy thing about living in a city of four million people for years and years, there are parts of town you had no idea even existed. I had no clue there had been a $34 Million dollar makeover to the old Tram Depot on the fringe of Harold Park near Glebe. The new precinct is now called ‘Tramsheds’ and it’s a foodie’s paradise. Continue reading Flour Eggs Water by A Tavola

Buon Ricordo

Buon Ricordo

Finally, the moment has come, the Buon Ricordo moment, its 6pm on a Saturday night and we are about to enter one of the meccas of the Sydney restaurant scene.

I love the anticipation, especially considering this restaurant has been on my radar for years and my tasty buds have been eagerly awaiting the famous fettuccine al Tartufovo. The dish that Italy’s Grazie magazine stated was the ‘best pasta in the world’. High praise indeed. Continue reading Buon Ricordo