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Is this the death of movie theatres?

Universal studios released ‘Trolls World Tour’, a kids movie, last month. They didn’t do it in movie theatres as they’ve been shuttered due to the coronavirus. The studio released it straight to a $20 digital rental release; it raked in US$100 million in three weeks.  I’d say a lot of parents were thrilled to distract the housebound kids. Continue reading Is this the death of movie theatres?

Five Rewatchable Movies

As the weeks drag on in the middle of a pandemic your time at home may start to vary as the Government slowly attempts to spark the economy.  On the other side of the world in Hollywood production on TV Shows and Movies grinded to a halt months ago so not much is being released. I’ve found myself dipping into the past, taking another look at a few gems. Here are five movies you may have already seen but they are definitely worth a rewatch. Continue reading Five Rewatchable Movies


I like these Alien encounter movies, one of my favorite movies ever is ‘Contact’, the Jodie Foster led 1997 Blockbuster from the book by the great Carl Sagan. Arrival lives up to those standards. Louise (Amy Adams) is an expert Linguist living a life of a college professor when the military come calling; Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) needs her language skills when 12 Alien spacecraft land on Earth. Continue reading Arrival