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Sometimes the best food is when you least expect it or necessarily aren’t even hungry. Whist on Holidays up in Yamba just randomly driving around checking out the sights I need a coffee hit. Bun is driving and we end up in a little seaside hamlet called ‘Angourie’. On the ‘main road’ I see a restaurant, it’s not really even open yet for dinner but I see a couple of waitresses milling about. Thus began a wonderfully unexpected couple of hours in culinary delight at ‘Barbaresco’, an Italian eatery across the road from ‘Spooky Beach’. Continue reading Barbaresco

Rockpool Bar & Grill


Back when I was a young whippersnapper I worked around the corner from Rockpool Bar & Grill. I was a clerk at the Department of Education; I rocked the shoulder pads suit and blonde streaked haircut, it was the 80’s and anything went. I was a man about town; well at least I thought so.  Tonight I enter Rockpool Bar & Grill with no hair or shoulder pads but I’ve got something that matters more, an appetite. Continue reading Rockpool Bar & Grill