Slayer ‘Repentless’

Slayer Repentless

I don’t exactly remember when I first got into Slayer. I just remember having the ‘South of Heaven” album living amongst my folks record collection. It was nestled alongside Abba and the Village People, strange bedfellows.

I must have been around 17 or 18 years old. I’d put the record on the turntable, sit in the lounge room with these massive headphones on and absorb every Tom Araya scream, every riff from guitarists Hanneman and King and every warp speed drum move from Dave Lombardo. Continue reading Slayer ‘Repentless’

The Gift


The Gift

A chance encounter with ‘Gordo’ (Joel Edgerton) whilst shopping turns the lives of married couple, ‘Simon’ (Jason Bateman) and ‘Robyn’ (Rebecca Hall) into an almighty mess.

Gordo is strange; there is no denying that, awkwardly stumbling through conversations and crossing social boundaries, Simon laughs about it with their dinner guests, mocking Gordo who he knew in high school, he calls him ‘Gordo the weirdo’. Continue reading The Gift