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Boris and Novak have split, now what?

Coaches and players are splitting up all the time. They’re worse than a Mexican soap opera. They’ve even got a name for it on the ATP Tour and WTA, they call it the ‘coaching carousel’, and people are getting on and off all the time. It makes you wonder, at the highest level of competition how much influence does the coach actually have on a players’ results? Continue reading Boris and Novak have split, now what?

Schlereth & Evans



I’ve listened to some radio over the years, mostly triple j for the music you’d never find on other stations. Back in the early 90’s as I was driving to work at Toukley Police Station I listened to ‘Zorba and Hollywood’ on 2KY as the ‘decibel duo’ talked Rugby League. In this last year I’ve found another sports radio show that I have to admit, I am addicted to, it’s ‘Schlereth & Evans’. Continue reading Schlereth & Evans

US Open Preview

US Open Preview (6)

This year’s last Grand Slam is now upon us. On Monday the US Open starts in New York with a ton of storylines looking to unfold. How will the new $150 Million Centre Court roof fare on Arthur Ashe Stadium? Will Djokovic recover from his less than stellar summer? Can Angelique Kerber continue the hot streak? Will the absence of Roger Federer hurt the tournament? Continue reading US Open Preview

Can the Rio Olympics bring me back?

Rio Olympics (1)

I’m just jaded, of the Olympics kind, maybe I’m missing the boat completely, it could be the drug cheating Soviets, the endless Rio dramas, the IOC corruption, but my interest in watching the “Greatest Show on Earth” is flickering on low. I think I’ve tuned in to the Olympics coverage for a total of 20 minutes in the first week of the Games. Continue reading Can the Rio Olympics bring me back?