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US Open Preview 2023

At the 1973 US Open, John Newcombe and Margaret Court each won US$25,000 for winning the tournament. It was the first time equal prize money was awarded at a Slam, a cause championed and driven by Billie Jean King. This year is the 50th anniversary of that cause and both the Men’s and Women’s Champions will receive US$3 million, a much bigger slice of the bounty. Continue reading US Open Preview 2023

Wimbledon Preview 2023

In a 22-man draw in 1877 the first Wimbledon Championship was held, bearded local Spencer Gore who was also a first class cricketer, won the tournament. He won 12 ‘guineas’, the currency at the time. This years’ Men’s winner will receive A$4.4 million, a figure that would definitely rise if the Saudi’s developed a rival professional tour, competition breeds money. The 2023 Wimbledon begins Monday and the Russians are back after last years’ UK Government ban. Continue reading Wimbledon Preview 2023

French Open Mens Final Preview 2023

It’s the 36-year-old Djokovic against a 24-year-old roadrunner Norwegian. Novak emerged relatively unscathed from the Alcaraz semi final due to the Spaniard cramping, which virtually sealed the match after the second set. Casper Ruud came through the Medvedev bottom half of the draw. This is the third Slam final for Ruud, it will be Novak’s 34th. Continue reading French Open Mens Final Preview 2023