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Help me, I’m trapped in Dallas airport

Dallas Airport (2)

There it was right in front of me, the words nobody wants to read ‘flight cancelled’. I was in line, ready to hand over my boarding pass, it was about 4pm in Dallas airport, I was on my way to Birmingham, Alabama. I could hear the collective groan, conversations sprung up ‘Is there another flight?’ ‘Does this airport have a hotel?’ Continue reading Help me, I’m trapped in Dallas airport

Trump vs Hillary

Trump vs Hillary (1)

Trump vs Hillary (4)

It’s the election contest that Political Junkies the world over have wanted to see. Donald J Trump vs Hillary R Clinton. It’s a match made in cable news heaven. With the withdrawal out of the Republican race of Texas Senator Ted Cruz after his defeat in Indiana a few days ago, Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican Nominee in the battle for the White House. On the Democrats side unless the FBI indicts Hillary Clinton over the email scandal she will be the Liberal nominee in the race for the Presidency.

Continue reading Trump vs Hillary

Partying on in God’s Waiting Room

Retirement Village
Retirement Village

Who says getting old can be a drag. Yes, there are the aches and pains. Getting around is harder and walkers, scooters and canes are ready to go on any outdoor adventure. A ride in an ambulance is just a slip away and occasionally there will be the inevitable funeral to get dressed up for plus more visits to the doctor. Continue reading Partying on in God’s Waiting Room

Would you vote for Trump?

Donald Trump

There’s a force of personality that’s shattering the American Political landscape. Depending on where your allegiances are, its either the proverbial bull in the China Shop that’s leaving all kinds of chaos in its wake and stretching acceptable rhetoric to breaking point or it’s a godsend designed to shake up a broken system and put Political Correctness on its ass. Continue reading Would you vote for Trump?