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Fatboy Slim ‘You’ve come a long way baby’

Don’t we love a big hook, songs that are so catchy they transcend the artist. The first few seconds of ‘Right here right now” take you back to a place in time and when the hook kicks you’re back there living it. Norman Cook, aka ‘Fatboy Slim’ has the knack for operating inside the big beat but can wander outside it with reggae, hip-hop and pop. Continue reading Fatboy Slim ‘You’ve come a long way baby’

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream

By the early 90’s the musical landscape had changed, the machismo dripping  hair metal of the 80’s were a distant memory, ‘grunge’ had exploded, in 91 Nirvana released ‘Nevermind’ and the record companies were drooling for the next big thing.  Siamese Dream was the second album for Smashing Pumpkins and Virgin Records expected a monster seller, the problem was the Pumpkins were a band in turmoil. Continue reading Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream

Soundgarden ‘Badmotorfinger’

Nirvana’s Nevermind album may have brought ‘grunge’ to the masses, much to the disdain of Cobain but Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger had an advantage over their Seattle brothers, it’s the dirtiness of this album, its something Nevermind never had, yes it was a classic, but too polished, this album challenges you. Continue reading Soundgarden ‘Badmotorfinger’

Life is measured by the gigs you missed

I’ve talked to a few crusty hippies in my day and whenever the subject of music arrives there’s always the inevitable shift to the ‘band that got away’. It goes something like this “oh man, I can’t believe I never saw Zeppelin” or “I missed the chance to catch the Grateful Dead gosh darn it’. It always gets me thinking; that every music fan has their ‘white whale’, the ‘band that got away’, it’s the band you’ll never see or catch, the musical Moby Dick.

Continue reading Life is measured by the gigs you missed

Music fans will be burning the Midnight Oil

Sorry, that was a juicy pun; I had to go there. Anyway, fans of Aussie Rock n Roll are rejoicing harder than a Russian hacker over that Trump win as that tallish bald guy with the epileptic dance moves and shady political past has gotten the band back together and ‘the Oils’ are headed on a world tour.

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Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite for Destruction’

An album represents a moment in time where the songs pulse and move with whatever we are doing in our lives. I remember driving my brown 2 door Ford Escort home one day from work at Gosford Police Station and ‘Paradise City’ was blasting from my 80’s car stereo with flashing equalizer, I was banging on the steering wheel singing right along with Axl. I was 18 years old and life reflected this album, which was conflicted. Continue reading Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite for Destruction’