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Flour Eggs Water by A Tavola


This is the crazy thing about living in a city of four million people for years and years, there are parts of town you had no idea even existed. I had no clue there had been a $34 Million dollar makeover to the old Tram Depot on the fringe of Harold Park near Glebe. The new precinct is now called ‘Tramsheds’ and it’s a foodie’s paradise. Continue reading Flour Eggs Water by A Tavola


Sometimes the best food is when you least expect it or necessarily aren’t even hungry. Whist on Holidays up in Yamba just randomly driving around checking out the sights I need a coffee hit. Bun is driving and we end up in a little seaside hamlet called ‘Angourie’. On the ‘main road’ I see a restaurant, it’s not really even open yet for dinner but I see a couple of waitresses milling about. Thus began a wonderfully unexpected couple of hours in culinary delight at ‘Barbaresco’, an Italian eatery across the road from ‘Spooky Beach’. Continue reading Barbaresco

Rockpool Bar & Grill


Back when I was a young whippersnapper I worked around the corner from Rockpool Bar & Grill. I was a clerk at the Department of Education; I rocked the shoulder pads suit and blonde streaked haircut, it was the 80’s and anything went. I was a man about town; well at least I thought so.  Tonight I enter Rockpool Bar & Grill with no hair or shoulder pads but I’ve got something that matters more, an appetite. Continue reading Rockpool Bar & Grill

Himalayan Char Grill

Himalayan Char Grill (5)

Back in the mid 80’s when mullets were in and Madonna was the hottest thing around I lived on Glebe Point Road in a hostel with ten other blokes, we spent nights trying to cram into a kitchen to cook what could be loosely described as ‘food’. Afterwards we would watch episodes of Neighbours and wait for the day that Kylie and Jason got married.
Continue reading Himalayan Char Grill