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Mr Inbetween


Ray (Scott Ryan) is a hitman you cheer for, kind of, he’s a thug you don’t want to accidently bump into and not apologize, otherwise he’ll bash you. He kills people on the orders of his boss Freddy, a Kings Cross nightclub owner, but also looks after his wise cracking brother who has motor neuron disease and cares for his eight year old daughter Britt who demands money from people who swear, Ray is ‘Mr Inbetween’, the Foxtel TV series that’s a dark comedy with a flair for the dramatic. Continue reading Mr Inbetween

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

This is essentially a buddy movie, actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a chain smoking fragile TV actor whose Western series has not long been cancelled, he is finding his way into movies, mostly as a villain, his seemingly only friend is his stunt double mate Cliff (Brad Pitt), who drives him around, looks after his house and motivates him when needed. Continue reading Once Upon a Time In Hollywood