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Hacksaw Ridge


Mel Gibson is back. He may have gone on a Jewish rant and called a policewoman ‘sugar tits’ but hey, forgiveness is good for the soul. Would you believe the Australian Government (tax incentives) and Hollywood, that town of virtue has forgotten past sins or more likely seen this movie as a potential moneymaker and welcomed ‘our’ Aussie larrikin back into the fold.  Continue reading Hacksaw Ridge

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (1)

My buddy Swami told me about this show that he watches called ‘Game of Thrones’. I’d never heard about it. This conversation happened about 4 years ago. ‘You have to watch this show’ he said excitedly. ‘Its about these different kingdoms that are all battling to get on the iron throne’. I was intrigued but in no hurry to break out the popcorn. Finally one night I relented and parked myself in front of the TV and pressed play. All it took was one scene to get me hooked. Continue reading Game of Thrones

The Gift


The Gift

A chance encounter with ‘Gordo’ (Joel Edgerton) whilst shopping turns the lives of married couple, ‘Simon’ (Jason Bateman) and ‘Robyn’ (Rebecca Hall) into an almighty mess.

Gordo is strange; there is no denying that, awkwardly stumbling through conversations and crossing social boundaries, Simon laughs about it with their dinner guests, mocking Gordo who he knew in high school, he calls him ‘Gordo the weirdo’. Continue reading The Gift