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The Game of Thrones is on

It’s been a long wait for the thrones faithful, but season 7 launched last Monday, which had fans dissecting and debating who wins the battles to come. In NFL terms this series is late in the 3rd Quarter. There are 7 episodes in this season and next season will be its last. The word on the Internets is season 8 will have six episodes, each being the length of a movie. Continue reading The Game of Thrones is on

Quarry, the best TV show you’ve never heard of.

Sometimes you just discover a TV show by flipping the channels or on a friends’ recommendation that exceeds your high viewing standards and further cements your low opinion of the ‘drek’ that is ‘The Block’ and ‘My Kitchen Rules’. TV has come a long way since the days of MASH and Cheers, the writing and acting has improved out of sight. Continue reading Quarry, the best TV show you’ve never heard of.


I like these Alien encounter movies, one of my favorite movies ever is ‘Contact’, the Jodie Foster led 1997 Blockbuster from the book by the great Carl Sagan. Arrival lives up to those standards. Louise (Amy Adams) is an expert Linguist living a life of a college professor when the military come calling; Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) needs her language skills when 12 Alien spacecraft land on Earth. Continue reading Arrival

Hacksaw Ridge


Mel Gibson is back. He may have gone on a Jewish rant and called a policewoman ‘sugar tits’ but hey, forgiveness is good for the soul. Would you believe the Australian Government (tax incentives) and Hollywood, that town of virtue has forgotten past sins or more likely seen this movie as a potential moneymaker and welcomed ‘our’ Aussie larrikin back into the fold.  Continue reading Hacksaw Ridge