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Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell has been through the meat grinder of law enforcement but can’t keep his job, Sheriff’s deputy, College campus cop.  One night at the beginning of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics whilst ‘patrolling’ a grassy area at his new job, as a security guard, concertgoers are doing the Macarena when Jewell discovers a suspicious unattended backpack under a bench. It has a bomb in it. Continue reading Richard Jewell

Australian Open Mens Final Preview 2020

Novak Djokovic has won seven Australian Opens; every time the Serbian has made the final he’s won the event. He’ll be playing against a opponent he knows well, the Austrian with the sledgehammer backhand, Dominic Thiem.  Novak leads the head to head 6-4 but Thiem has won the last four out of five, this will be an intriguing match up. Continue reading Australian Open Mens Final Preview 2020