In the summer of 1957 Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver) is the boss of the famous car company that bears his name. The company is drowning in debt and the recently retired race car driver is doing everything he can to prevent a merger where he would lose control.

His life is almost as fast as his cars. Meetings, constant hounding by the press, family dramas, a secret mistress he has a son with and Penelope Cruz as Enzo’s suffering wife, Laura, who would love nothing more than to put a bullet through him.

It’s just another day in Enzo’s life. He also has to manage and motivate his test drivers who stare death in the face through every heart pounding lap as they push the Ferrari’s to breaking point.

‘Ferrari’ was a labour of love for Director, Michael Mann. He became interested in the project more than 20 years ago but it was stuck in development hell. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale were once attached to play Enzo but Adam Driver seems to be the perfect actor to balance charisma, heartache and likeability.

He is fantastic in this movie.

This is cinema best enjoyed in the theatre, just for the racing scenes alone, which provide a noise and dramatic flair very hard to match at home. If you can still find it on the big screen, that’s the place to see it.

Mann is known for movies that showcase obsessive men who strive to carry on despite the carnage that occurs around them. See Thief, Heat and Collateral. Is this his best movie? No, far from it, especially when Heat sets an impossibly high bar but ‘Ferrari’ is undeniably Michael Mann and that should be enough.

The sheen, the gloss and the sound have his signature all over it.

hallymustang rating : 3/5

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