US Open Preview 2022

What a year in tennis it has been already. Ash Barty won the Australian Open and Rafa did the same, albeit after the Australian Government deported Djokovic considering him “a threat to the nation”, just let that sink in. Rafa also won Roland Garros and was actually looking good at Wimbledon until injury forced him out, Novak would go on to win defeating Kyrgios in the final. Continue reading US Open Preview 2022

Poison ‘Look what the cat dragged in’

Poison were the pure definition of hair metal. It was a kinder, gentler shift away from the grimy 70s and 80s of Ozzy and Lemmy. There was never enough hair spray, makeup, lipstick or pouting. ‘Look what the cat dragged in’ was at the head of the glam food chain, an album right in the hedonistic sweet spot of the mid 80s. Continue reading Poison ‘Look what the cat dragged in’