I am a Movie Nerd

My movie nerd status has officially been locked in.  About a week ago I started a spreadsheet that currently spans close to 200 movies.  I was sick of scanning the streaming services looking for something to watch and coming up with nada.

So I figured I’ve got to do some research, listen to more podcasts and dig into the recesses of my brain to figure out what I’ve seen and what I want to see. The list has columns such as ‘who directed it’, ‘what year it was made’, ‘the genre’, ‘who recommended it’, ‘have I seen it’ and finally ‘my comments on it’. Yep, movie nerd.

Nothing is off limits, I’ve gone back to obscure Alfred Hitchcock movies, random Italian films, I’ve deep dived into ‘Directors Cuts’, 80’s horror movies that went straight to video or flicks that I know I’ve seen but can’t remember a thing about them.

Since starting the list I’ve watched some duds, ‘The Rider’, a doco/drama about a cowboy that falls off a bucking bronco was as slow as my driving but ‘Sputnik’, a Russian science fiction horror was an absolute corker, but’s that movie nerd living, you got to be willing to take a risk to find a potential gem.

It’s a list that will never end and probably get up into the many hundreds, if I could get the ‘Criterion Channel’ here in Australia I’d be in movie nirvana, a one stop shop with over 2,000 movies to choose from.

Some films I’ve already revisited like the excellent Tom Hanks’ ‘The Green Mile’ or the poker movie ‘Rounders’ with Matt Damon, but either way I’m looking forward to checking out the 1979 Horror ‘Salems Lot’, a David Soul classic I saw snippets of as a kid peeking through a cracked bedroom door, which scared the bejesus out of me.

Also, the 1993 College football movie ‘The Program’ starring James Caan, the 1951 Hitchcock thriller ‘Strangers on a Train and ‘The Vast of Night’, a sci-fi indie flick about radio DJ’s hearing UFO-like noises in the sky.

There are many others that will put my nerd-ness into overdrive but for a never-ending list as a fan of the movies it’s an enjoyable hobby best enjoyed with a glass of red. There’s nothing wrong with combining two hobbies.

One thought on “I am a Movie Nerd”

  1. Our poor mother… having to endure this testing phase of the “movie nerd”. I’m sure she can’t wait till the next “test” movie. Good luck mummsy. 😂😂🤣🤣

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