Unsolved Mysteries

The Producer that ran the sci fi hit ‘Stranger Things’ for Netflix has rebooted this popular true crime show about murders, disappearances and even UFO abductions that can’t be explained or have gone ‘unsolved’ for years.

The original show began in 1987 with Robert Stack as host but in this reboot there is no host and no voiceovers; all the information the viewer is given is either from law enforcement involved in the case, relatives/friends of the victims and the occasional words on the screen.  The show runners have turned it into a documentary style production and it works perfectly.

Six episodes have been released and six more are on the way and these first six are barnburners.  They’ve done a great job in mixing up the storylines and it seems each episode has a twist somewhere along the way, that you don’t see coming, well I didn’t.

There’s the newly married screenwriter Rey Rivera who goes missing, some believe it was connected to the Michael Douglas movie ‘The Game’, where a man’s life is unraveling, as part of a ‘game’. The theory gains traction, especially when a big clue is discovered that Ray left behind.

Rey Rivera

A hair salon owner that disappears within a 13-minute window that the Police can’t pin down, two years later there’s a massive twist.  Then there is a French aristocratic family that lives in Nantes, the kids go to private school, the father is a successful businessman, but they all disappear, a theory is he was an informant working for the D.E.A.

The missing French family

One episode involves a series of sightings of strange lights in a county in Massachusetts on a night in the late 1960’s.  Strange occurrences happen on a bridge, in a field, somebody’s backyard, they’re all unconnected, calls flood in to the local radio station, its bizarre, yet fascinating.

The case of Alonzo Brooks, a young black man, who goes to a party in rural Kansas with three friends, the next morning he goes missing.  Local law enforcement seem to be bumbling the case, amongst countless interviews and lie detector tests the FBI get involved.

Alonzo Brooks

In 2006 a young mother Lena Chapin goes missing in Missouri, a tape recording is produced which implicates a member of her own family in another crime years earlier, are they linked?

These are six episodes with vastly different tales to tell, all of them are compelling.  There’s a chance for the viewer to get involved, by contacting the show if they know anything about the crime.  A case has actually been reopened and a body exhumed since episodes have aired.

True crime isn’t for everyone, but if you like a mystery, this is for you.

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