Tiger King

Joe Exotic owns a private zoo in Oklahoma with over 200 big cats.  He has a blonde mullet, wears bedazzled shirts and shoots his guns seemingly whilst high. He also has many demons in the closet that slowly get revealed, and employs the people living on the fringe of society at the zoo, strangers off the bus and locals with missing teeth or limbs.

He has a running battle with Carole Baskin, a big cat ‘activist’, who has her own demons and is rumored to have killed her ex-husband and fed his body to the big cats. Tiger King is the documentary that took off a few months back after Netflix released it.  Its most recent episode drew 65 million viewers. The wildfire has been spreading on social media and it became their number one show.

We see other owners of private zoos in America; it’s a sordid dark underground of greed and profit as uncomfortable as you can imagine as they milk every last cent out of these tiger cubs.

Joe runs for Governor, apparently trying to get the endorsement of Marilyn Manson in the process.  This pretty much sums up the show.  Just when you think things can’t get any crazier there’s another episode with a ‘what the hell’ moment. It’s trash reality with a dose crime mixed in with National Geographic.

If you’ve read anything about this show then you may know where its’ headed, and that’s nowhere good. I resisted for a few weeks but after it was all over twitter, watched one episode and was hooked.

The filmmakers lay it out, give everyone a voice, and let the viewer decide who is dirtier. Because lets face it nobody is clean in this addictive mess.

2 thoughts on “Tiger King”

  1. Oh yes, its creepy. You may need a wine or two, and feel the need to get clean afterwards, but like a spiders web to an unsuspecting bee it traps you into watching multiple episodes.

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