The Kim family live in a below street level dingy apartment, with no Wi-Fi and a barely payable job folding pizza boxes, they are straddling the poverty line. A chance meeting sets them on a course to insert themselves into the lives of the Park family, who are uber wealthy and live in a mansion on top of a hill.

The Kims see an opportunity to make some money and a plan is hatched. They are very good at what they do, they’re scam artists. They rehearse their dialogue and impending situations, to keep the con alive they tap into each family member’s skill.

Its class warfare with the rich too caught up in their wealth to really see they’re not even in a battle and what exactly is unfolding around them. The wealthy Parks are too gullible or busy to notice the con.

The Kims

It’s a movie you can’t anticipate where it’s headed.  Especially when the Kims worm their way into the Parks’ lives so deeply that when the charade starts to unravel there is some real squirm in your seat moments.

The Parks

South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho has created a weirdly entertaining story that has a dark current running through it mixed in with a splash of social commentary, he’s gotten the mix just right.

These are the movies Hollywood shied away from years ago, original stories got buried beneath a mountain of comic book adaptations, all driven by the mighty dollar.

Parasite moves between comedy, horror and drama with an ease that leaves the viewer not even noticing the transitions as each genre bleeds into the other. You can’t anticipate where it’s going or who will pay the ultimate price.

It’s easy to see why Parasite won over the Academy in winning ‘Best Picture’. It’s a must see.

hallymustang rating : 📽📽📽📽🎞 4.5/5

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