The Top 5 TV Shows of 2019


  1. Watchmen

Season 1

What started as an American comic book series in 1986 has ended up on HBO with show creator Damon Lindelof essentially extending the storyline beyond the comics, or as he put it, giving it a ‘remix’.

It might be at times hard to follow and you may think what the hell is going on, but any show with a giant squid who has killed millions, Vigilante justice heroes in masks, racial tensions in Oklahoma and a character called Doctor Manhattan who is all blue and supposedly lives on Mars is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Lindelof has also suggested this season might not be the only one, be prepared for more craziness.

  1. On Becoming a God in Central Florida

Season 1

Kirsten Dunst stars as ‘Krystal’, a new mum who works a dead end job at a waterpark, her husband is dim-witted and obsessed with motivational tapes he constantly loops in his car, the tapes and the pyramid scheme it comes from is literally all he thinks about, then tragedy strikes and all is thrown into chaos. This dark comedy is completely off the reservation and Dunst is terrific as the driving force hell-bent on revenge, think a cross between ‘Fargo’ and ‘Raising Arizona’.

  1. Good Morning Football

This morning show on the NFL Network is such way to catch up on the day’s news and info and previews of up coming games. Hosts Kay Adams, Kyle Brandt, Nate Burleson and Peter Schrager bounce off each other so well and the show flows so smoothly that it’s such an easy watch.

Only available for NFL Game pass subscribers it’s a great show that you can put on any time of day and have in the background, this is a must watch for any NFL fan, especially during the all too short sixteen game season, but especially now as the playoffs and Super Bowl are just around the corner.

  1. Counterpart

Season 2

This spy thriller delves deeper into the two worlds, as the ‘crossing’ remains closed; this season gives other characters a chance to shine as the two ‘Howards’ are living on the others’ side, one stuck in prison, the other pretending to be the ‘good’ Howard caring for his wife Emily, who has awoken from a coma.

There are spy games, biological weapons, deep secrets and we find out exactly who and how the ‘other’ world was created as we go back in time.  This was a great follow up season, but unfortunately the show was cancelled not long after airing and other networks declined to pick it up, which is a pity as the various storylines had so much more to give.

  1. Fortitude

Season 3

Oh, Sherriff Dan, has their ever been a character who had such a huge ark from good guy small town law enforcement warrior to infected madman who makes ‘god like’ decisions based on the parasitic wasp that infected his body.

This isolated Norwegian town has dealt with its fair share of tragedy; helicopter crashes, murders and cover-ups, you never know which character will survive an episode. Then there’s the loveable duo of Police Constables Ingrid and Petra and all they have to deal with, especially considering their Sheriff’s wild behavior.

This final season may be only four episodes long but it wraps up perfectly and the finale was a real mind blower.


2 thoughts on “The Top 5 TV Shows of 2019”

  1. A big thank you David! I’m so out of touch with what’s been on and I’m looking forward to some good tv ; )

    1. For sure Libby, there is some good binge watching out there. I’ll have to get Netflix to expand my TV watching scope.

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