Who will end up on the Iron Throne?

This is it, the final season of Game of Thrones.  Starting on the 15th of April we’ll get six episodes, which on average will run for 68 minutes as confirmed by HBO, the finale will last 80 nail biting minutes. Can it possibly live up to the hype?

We can only hope.  There’s been seven seasons of shock decapitations, killings at weddings, the birth of dragons, colossal battle scenes and characters we love to hate.

So, how will it end and who will end up on the Iron Throne? Here are some possibilities and my odds of who will rule Westeros.


He is the bastard son of former King Robert, making him a Baratheon so he has the royal blood. He disappeared for many seasons until Davos discovered him building swords for Lannister soldiers last season. He’s probably still worn out from his long run back to the Wall to save Jon Snow who was surrounded by white walkers on the frozen lake, but Gendry is back in the story for a reason, an outside chance at the Throne.  ODDS – 30/1


Remember this is a show about “bastards, cripples and broken things”, the characters that aren’t supposed to be in power but still have a chance. He’s been sold into slavery, Cersei tried to kill him twice and his own father wanted to execute him, you could say he’s a survivor. I predict he will live through this season and this master politician is definitely in the game to sit on the throne, but only if the main characters destroy each other, he could also not even be a Lannister. ODDS – 20/1


She took out half the show with her wildfire explosion of the Sept of Baelor, taking out many of her enemies, she’ll have a few more moves but I doubt she’ll last 3 or 4 episodes. The Iron Bank could play a role here as well; the Lannisters have paid their debt last season but does that make them disposable and will the Iron Bank bet on a new horse. We all know how evil Cersei is and she’ll do whatever it takes to further the Lannister name.  I sense Jamie might end up strangling her with his golden hand or the Night King will turn her into his Night Queen, either way she’s dead. ODDS – 15/1


She’s come a long way from the little girl who dreamed of living a fairytale.  Just like Arya hers is a tale of survival, she saw Ned beheaded, and lived through the horrors of Joffrie and Ramsay Bolton. She has developed a taste now for real power and now seemed in control of her own destiny but is stuck at Winterfell, right in the path of the oncoming white walkers.  For all she’s been through this raven-haired beauty won’t make it through the season alive. ODDS – 10/1

Jon Snow

The bastard.  The illegitimate son who’s been brought back from the dead.  He also told the red woman before ‘the battle of the bastards’ not to bring him back a second time, he’s a reluctant leader and somewhat haunted by his own demons. He is the son of a Targaryen and a Stark so essentially the one true King, but I doubt he wants it. I think he’ll sacrifice himself in some way late in the season, prepare for tears. ODDS – 8/1


There’s a working theory out there that this time travelling three-eyed raven is actually the Night King, some Las Vegas markets have Bran as the favorite to end up on the Iron Throne, which led to speculation that the wise guys of Vegas had some inside info.  Either way Bran is important to the story but won’t be there at the end, he is connected to the Night King somehow but won’t survive the long night and you’ll be shocked who kills him. ODDS – 6/1


She’s always been the tomboy who broke the mold when it came to what little girls should do. She also saw Ned lose his head and become ‘the girl with no name’ who has many faces, vowing to get revenge. She cut the throat of brother Rob’s killer, Walder Frey and poisoned the rest of his clan. Cersei is still on her kill list but I doubt she’ll get there, I’ll tip her to make it out of this alive, and she’ll be the only Stark left, but won’t end up on the throne. ODDS – 5/1

The Night King

It’s totally possible the leader of the white walkers ends up on a throne of ice, but does he even want it? The blue-eyed leader of the dead now has an ice dragon at his disposal and has busted through the wall. The Children of the forest created him thousands of years ago to protect them from the first men, that didn’t really go so well as they created dark magic, which they couldn’t control.

This show is great at upsetting and shocking you with huge twists, they’ve essentially run us over with a bus a few times, think red wedding, so would it be that far fetched if everything turns to ice and evil wins. I’d love to see it happen but it won’t.  ODDS – 3/1


The mother of dragons has vowed to ‘break the wheel’ in terms of how a ruler should lead the people, what that means who knows?  If the Night King and Cersei are defeated will Khalessi keep to her word and not rule with fear but possibly decide on multiple rulers across the land once the war is won and destroy the Iron Throne.  Remember she did promise Jara Greyjoy at Dragonstone she could rule the Iron Islands once the war was won.  Khalessi still hasn’t found out Jon Snow is her nephew and the one true king, which makes last seasons’ tango in the sheets interesting.  I predict she will defeat the Night King and win the long night. ODDS – 2/1

Whatever happens the final episode of a TV show can spark rigorous debate for years as to whether the finale lived up to the rest of the show, with Soprano’s you felt a bit robbed, Breaking Bad wrapped it up nicely and Dexter was a real downer.

Lets hope GOT gives us a memorable finale, for all the right reasons.





2 thoughts on “Who will end up on the Iron Throne?”

  1. Intriguing breakdown. But what of Sam Tarley?
    My call, outside chance but when he finds the clue to winning the war he’ll be known and he could be someone everyone could live with being king.

    For the true gamblers I’d then put Kahlessi as his hand.

  2. Nice one Swami, I like Sam Tarley, the true underdog, I’ll give him 1000/1 odds, worth putting one dollar on at least.

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