The World Cup

I want to love Soccer, I really do, especially now with the World Cup on in Vlad’s Russia.  The fact that Australia is playing of course brings added value but that wasn’t always the case, this will be the 21stWorld Cup since its inception in 1930, this tournament will only be the Socceroo’s 5thappearance.

1974 in Germany was our first, we were a team of battlers, the Johnny Warren led amateurs, and we went scoreless.  It took 32 years to get back to the big show, in 2006 again in Germany, this time we were a lot more successful, progressing out of the group stage into the Round of 16 before losing to Italy 1-0 in a game many pundits thought we were the better team.

The 1974 World Cup Socceroos

Now we are in a Group with France, Denmark and Peru, we’ve already lost to France in a controversial game 2-1, where a V.A.R penalty was awarded (Video Assisted Referee) to give France their first goal.  We play Denmark tomorrow night to try and stay alive.

I will watch this game.  It’s shown live on SBS from 9pm, as are many other World Cup games after sole provider Optus have experienced all kinds of problems in streaming live games where the footage is ‘freezing’, there’s been such an outcry even the Prime Minister got involved in discussing the issue with Optus CEO Allen Lew.

The 2018 Socceroos

I have been following all this through twitter mostly and now it’s time to watch a full game.  I was a soccer fan as a kid, I played it from the age of 6 for Budgewoi when the whole team followed the ball around back then, like ten keystone cops chasing a criminal, we’d score for the other team and love it, it left our parents on the sideline in stiches.

The 2018 Russia World Cup Draw

Thankfully I stopped scoring for the opposition and went on to represent the Central Coast and NSW through the teenage years.  I was a Liverpool fan and would watch the World Cup on TV.  I lost interest somewhere around 15, and didn’t follow it after that.

As a TV spectacle I struggle with the lack of scoring, I want goals, I want action. I appreciate the skill; the athleticism but the endless passing and players barely getting touched and acting like their leg has been ripped off left a bad taste. On the other hand I’ve been in Europe when World Cups have been on and enjoyed the passion of nutty fans following their teams, to traditional soccer nations like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, England and Holland these games mean everything.

Colombian World Cup fans

So I’ve decided to try and get caught up in this Socceroo wave, will I buy a jersey? No. Will I go to a pub and watch a game? No. But tomorrow night I’ll cook up a King Prawn Pasta, crack a bottle of Sangiovese, park myself in front of the TV and cheer for the Aussies against Denmark, if that doesn’t get me over the line, nothing will.

2 thoughts on “The World Cup”

  1. Yeap, tonight’s the night mate.
    I think you need to throw a cigar into the mix while you’re watching the game. Always go well with a glass of red, and the occasion calls for it! I will be toking on one as we take the Danes on.
    The reality is we need a win, and I’m far from an expert, but I’m tipping us to be 2-1 up after 90mins. Here’s hoping this is one tip I get right!

    1. I enjoyed it last night man, enough for me to watch the Peru game, I like the 10pm start, hopefully it’s not on at 3am.
      The young kid they brought on with 10 mins left last night was great, but Cahill should have been given a run as well, listen to us, we are experts now.

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