Who wants my junk?

There is that old phrase ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’. Going through your so called junk you hope that anybody on a selling website such as Gumtree or Ebay will find your crap interesting and they’d want it enough to part with their hard earned cash.

I love the way the Gumtree commercial had money raining down on the couple that had fantastic success selling all the stuff they didn’t want, hallelujah, we’ve sold our junk, lets go to Bali.

What a shock that the TV commercial doesn’t actually depict reality. It’s like the car commercial where they show a very good looking person driving through glorious mountains on a gorgeous day with the car handling beautifully, then at the end of the commercial in small writing Superman couldn’t see it says ‘actual model not available in Australia’.  Great, I’ll move to Germany.

As I’m contemplating my new car I’ll get back to selling stuff. Trying to sell things on Gumtree is like dealing with Muppets. Yes, you get the occasional ‘normal’ person, who is actually dare I say it, normal. They say they’re interested, yes I’ll buy it, what time can I come over, here is the cash, thanks very much. It’s like how it really happens in the commercial, it’s like magic.

But when you deal with Muppets, they exhibit Muppet behavior. How big are the wheels? Read the ad. How much does it cost? Read the ad. Will you take less? Does it say negotiable, read the ad. I’ve lost the TV remote, where is it? Read the ad. Urrggghhhhh!

Finally after a twenty question and answer session, ‘I’ll meet you tonight, I’ll come after work not to buy it, but to have a look’. Crikey, would you like a cup of tea as well, I’ll have biscuits too. I’m selling some wheels, not the Mona Lisa.

Eventually a ‘yes, I’ll buy it’ arrives. Then, wait for it, “I’ll offer you ….”, which is less than the actual price. Oh joy, lets haggle like we are in a street market in Phuket. At about this time I’d like Barney the friendly Rottweiler or Darth Vader to show up and solve all my problems.

But alas, with no Barney I’m left to my own devices. Ah, what the heck, I’m booking my flight; I’m off to Germany to buy my new car so I can drive through some glorious mountains trying to convince myself that advertising really does work.

4 thoughts on “Who wants my junk?”

  1. Let’s start a site for junk voyeurs, people (and mostly muppets) that really just wanna have a look and see how long they can string the debate out or wind you up. Let’s call it ‘kick my tyres.com

    The kick is before you respond at all there’s a flag fall deposit into your PayPal account.

    Actually forget all that I’ll start it now and be another tech guru billionaire before next weekend ?

    1. get on it swarmi , Sicily is beckoning, we’ll need the cash for all those pasta dinners washed down with limoncello we’ll be having.

  2. This is classic Gen Z behaviour!
    I had my blue car up for sale on Car Sales last year. Young kid rings up. “G’day mate, look I wanna check your car out. What colour is it?”
    “It’s blue, you idiot. Did you not look at at least 1 of the 35 photos before dialling my number”
    “Oh yeah, also, what do you want for it?”
    “Probably the same as what the ad says I’m selling it for you wanker. (slamming phone down noise)”
    Good luck selling your stuff!

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