The Game of Thrones is on

It’s been a long wait for the thrones faithful, but season 7 launched last Monday, which had fans dissecting and debating who wins the battles to come. In NFL terms this series is late in the 3rd Quarter. There are 7 episodes in this season and next season will be its last. The word on the Internets is season 8 will have six episodes, each being the length of a movie.

The jostling for the final seat on the throne has already began. The Mother of Dragons has landed at ‘Dragonstone’, her Targaryen blood home, her ships; dragons and ‘unsullied’ are now within striking distance of Kings Landing, a battle plan is beckoning.

Will there be the mother of all conflicts at sea with Queen Cersei’s new ally, the new drowned god King Euron, who has declared to the Queen that “the surest way to a woman’s heart is with a gift”, will it be Tyrion’s head?

The master schemer ‘Littlefinger’ is banking on continued disagreement between the forever brooding Jon Snow and Lady Sansa, who rightly pointed out to the new ‘King of the North’ that mistakes cost her father (Ned) and brother (Rob) their lives.

Trust the wrong ally, make the wrong move and you’ll be either burned at the stake, crushed by the mountain, incinerated by a dragon or turned into a white walker. None are very good options. The loveable fat man Sam Tarly has found useful information at the laugh a minute Citadel, there is dragon glass buried at ‘Dragonstone’.

I am patiently waiting for the moment ‘The Hound’ runs into the face changer Arya, she left him for dead when Brienne of Tarth knocked the turkey stuffing out of him a while back, will he still be on her ‘kill list’, especially now the Hound seems to be softening.

Arya also proudly claimed as she came across a group of Lannister soldiers including Ed Sheeran of all people that she was going to Kings Landing to “kill the queen”, which got a few belly laughs from the soldiers, if only they knew.

Bran has arrived at ‘The Wall’ minus Hodor of course, cue tears, also expect more sadness if Hodor comes back as a White Walker. Time traveller Bran will no doubt play a big role this season and maybe next. Since the show deviated from the books nobody knows this season’s outcome or the next.

Here’s my final prediction. We know ‘The Wall’ has magic that supposedly will stop the White Walkers, it won’t. Late in the 4th Quarter somebody will end up on the Iron Throne, probably Mother of Dragons but it won’t matter because ultimately the White Walkers will score a touchdown in the ‘dying’ seconds and the ‘Nights King’ will ‘ice’ the game.

But wait, time traveller Bran will come along like a referee that’s been ‘paid’ by the mob and do something funky with the past, what that is I don’t know, I’m not that smart. What I do know is that Game of Thrones is the best show on TV and I can’t wait to see what happens in season 7.



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