Miel Container Burgers

One night in the city of Brisbane, where o where to eat? After a quick check of Trip Advisor and a scan of what’s close to the hotel, Miel Container Burgers runs to the front of the pack. Bun and Cam will be joining me as they’re in town on business so the three of us meet up at the Container on Mary Street in the CBD.

In the city on a Friday night the streets are buzzing and so is Miel, its crowded and there is no booking system so basically you go to the cashier, order what you want and when a table comes up you’ll be seated, then the chef will work his magic on your burger. You basically build your own burger starting with what bun you want, we all choose the Ciabatta but you can also go for the Brioche bun.

Building your own burger can be tricky as the decisions are multiple, sometimes its just easier to order off a menu but we all get into a rhythm and Bun goes for the hand crumbed fish filet, with lettuce, beetroot, tasty cheese, tomato and avocado with tartar sauce, with a side of chips of course.

Bun’s Burger

I grab the hand crumbed fish filet, with lettuce, tomato, tasty cheese and dill mayo.

My hand crumbed fish burger

Cam goes for the homemade grass fed hot beef pattie with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, cheddar cheese and sweet chili sauce, a monstrosity.

The Cam Monstrosity

After a short wait the burgers arrive and we all dig in and before long are raving about how good they all taste, Cams meat is cooked just right and our fish is crumb crunchy in all the right places, no wonder this joint is packed, you’ll need plenty of serviettes as the only way to eat a burger is to get messy.

Great staff

The staff is very accommodating considering the amount of people they’re dealing with and are happy to rearrange any tables/chairs. Miel is licensed as well so you can grab a beer with your burger, which is a must.

Details : www.tripadvisor.com

Summary : If you’re a burger fan then Miel has to be on your ‘go to’ list.

hallymustang rating : 4/5 

4 thoughts on “Miel Container Burgers”

  1. Hey hey hey!!! Where was my invite lol!!
    Haven’t seen this one, but as there are only about 5 places to eat at night in Brisbane, I’ll be sure to try it out soon!
    I like the look of the crumbed fish fillet burgers.

    1. I think Trump the wizard of oz let you into ‘Merica for some reason and you were galavanting around the good ole USA at the time , you won’t be disappointed in Miel Burgers , they r scrumpdiddlyumptous.

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