Christmas Cards, I don’t miss you.

When did writing Christmas cards become a job? I know it’s the season to be jolly and spreading the holiday cheer around is the done thing to do, but crikey writing out these pesky cards became a bloody chore, which is why a few years back we gave up sending out Christmas Cards.

Call me the Grinch who destroyed Christmas Cards but it got to the point that we were sending out 80 cards and personalizing every card, thinking of something to say, licking the envelopes, writing them out, trundling down to the postbox, it became harder then fending off Russian hackers.

Hope I still get a visit from the big guy this year

I do admit though there is to this day some guilt on my part that still all these years later we receive Christmas Cards, 8 at last count, some relatives and friends have kept the tradition alive in wishing us a Merry Christmas, it’s a noble effort on their part but it just reminds me of the good decision we had in nixing the cards.

For me I don’t miss the writer’s cramp, killing a whole day and expending brainpower, I got to save my brain cells somehow. Has Santa skipped our house since the abolishment of Christmas Cheer? No, presents have still come my way; in fact I think the postman has an extra skip in his step since our cards have disappeared from circulation.

No more writers cramp for me

We also did go through a period in the 00’s of going to Roselands Shopping Centre to get our picture taken with Santa every year, so maybe we built up some extra Christmas Cheer from that. Just to combat any perceived ‘grincyness’ I do vow to sing a few Christmas Carols on the big day, hey it’s the least I can do although local cats could start howling. In lieu of sending out these dreaded cards we do wish you all a Merry Christmas, oh that felt good.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards, I don’t miss you.”

  1. I agree but I do still send cards to my special friends that aren’t on facebook or I haven’t got their e-mail addresses where I post good wishes and I still send them to my family. Anyway how would they know we are still alive. He He He

    1. Keep the tradition alive mother , you are spreading the Christmas Cheer which could warrant you some extra eggnog .

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