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I’ve listened to some radio over the years, mostly triple j for the music you’d never find on other stations. Back in the early 90’s as I was driving to work at Toukley Police Station I listened to ‘Zorba and Hollywood’ on 2KY as the ‘decibel duo’ talked Rugby League. In this last year I’ve found another sports radio show that I have to admit, I am addicted to, it’s ‘Schlereth & Evans’.

Mark Schlereth, an NFL analyst for ESPN and former offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins and Mike Evans, a radio personality who has broadcast for 20 years. Together they drive a morning show 5 days a week based in Denver on 1043thefan. I listen morning time in Sydney on the podcast roughly ten hours after it airs in America.

Schlereth dispensing justice

They mostly talk Denver Broncos and all things NFL but they will venture out into how the Colorado Rockies are doing in Baseball or the Buffs in College Football and the Nuggets in the NBA. Not only is it a great show where I get some good belly laughs but being the show is based in Colorado it takes me back to my time living in Boulder with all those great memories and of course being a Broncos fan I get all the latest news and opinion.

The show has different segments; The morning brew, four down territory, ‘clear the air with Mark Schlereth’ where the ‘big fella’ goes on a mini rant, then there’s ‘Question Mark’ when listeners can send in questions via Twitter and Facebook.

There’s a definite chemistry between Schlereth & Evans which is a must for good radio, they call each other ‘hot snot’ and try to trick each other with the ‘Oh really’ game, which is a game Schlereth would play in the huddle when he was a Bronco. Its where you say something wrong that you know the other person knows is wrong and if they correct you, then you yell ‘Oh really’, its generated some hilarious radio.

The producer Scott DeHuff may make an appearance as ‘Paxton the Pirate’ or he’ll supply a range of noises and voices that fit in nicely with the topic of discussion. Evans will bring in McDonalds on a Friday for the crew, which happens to be the day Schlereth is out of town working for ESPN, it’s a fun bone of contention.

DeHuff is always ready with the voices
DeHuff is always ready with the voices

They have all kinds of guests come on, there’s Cecil Lammey, the meditating football insider, Troy Renck a sportscaster for local Denver TV Channel 7, Tyler Polumbus, a former Broncos offensive tackle who won Super Bowl 50 last season and a host of others.

Its great radio as I’m having breakfast and checking the currency charts or just driving around during the day and ‘lord have mercy’ if Schlereth picks against the Broncos and they win, a redemption letter will surely follow to allow him back into the circle, ‘great stuff’ as Evans would say.

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