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It’s the election contest that Political Junkies the world over have wanted to see. Donald J Trump vs Hillary R Clinton. It’s a match made in cable news heaven. With the withdrawal out of the Republican race of Texas Senator Ted Cruz after his defeat in Indiana a few days ago, Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican Nominee in the battle for the White House. On the Democrats side unless the FBI indicts Hillary Clinton over the email scandal she will be the Liberal nominee in the race for the Presidency.

So, how did we get to this point? In 2008 after Hillary was overwhelmed by the momentum first time Senator Barack Obama was creating the odds were that she would bide her time until the Presidents time was up. That time has arrived and even though the 74 year old Socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders has created his own momentum and pushed her all the way through the Primary season, Hillary has enough Super Delegates in her back pocket to claim the Democratic nomination.

I'm Bernie and I honeymooned in the Soviet Union
I’m Bernie Sanders and I honeymooned in the Soviet Union

As for Trump, he has beaten every Republican challenger, all 16 of them. He survived the debates, created a populist movement born out of voter frustration with the Republican leadership and where the country is headed, run a campaign based on emotion and he has dominated the news cycle with outlandish statements and picked fights with everyone from the Pope to Whoopi Goldberg.

I don't like this Trump character
I don’t like this Trump character

So, what happens next? The Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia over three days and on July 28 Hillary will be anointed as the Democratic Nominee to be the President of the United States. A week earlier the Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio and on July the 21st after what many thought may be a brokered Convention Donald J Trump will be crowned the Republican nominee to be the President.

Then the fun really begins. There will be 3 debates, the first of which will be held at Wright State University in Ohio on September the 26th. Expect fireworks. This is shaping up to be a nasty general election. Trump will go after Hillary on her record as Secretary of State, which included the Benghazi nightmare and Libyan fiasco, her support of the Iraq War, dubious donations to the Clinton Foundation and the email scandal. He has already started to label her as ‘Crooked Hillary’ and will paint her as a Political insider, meaning you’ll get more of the same if you vote for Hillary.

Plenty of laughs at Trumps' wedding, not sure the debates will be this friendly.
Plenty of laughs at Trumps’ wedding, not sure the debates will be this friendly.

Hillary will go after Trump on just about everything. She will try to paint him as not a serious candidate, unfit for the Presidency, she will call him a ‘racist’ as evidenced by his seemingly outrageous statements on banning Muslims entry the US for security reasons, building a wall across the Mexican border and have them pay for it. She will call him ‘sexist’, as evidenced by his various fights with Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, and actress Rosie O’Donnell.

Fox News Host Megyn Kelly
Fox News Host Megyn Kelly

Along with the debates, the American public will be inundated with TV ads, most of them negative, the candidates will hold more rally’s across the country, you’ll see Hillary and Trump on late night talk shows, cable news, breakfast morning shows and multiple magazine covers. Its been estimated that each candidate will spend upwards of $1 Billion dollars to run the biggest election campaign of all.

Election day will be held on November the 8th, with the winner being sworn in on January the 20th, 2017. So, who will win? Current polling has Hillary up 7% points. Trump will have to win over some minority voters who he has alienated, conservatives, women and Independents, whilst also hoping a large turnout happens with first-time voters, that’s a lot of votes. Rumor has it that before the Republican Convention he will nominate various people to a future cabinet should he win, this could show he is willing to surround himself with serious minds to help a first time President.

Can Trump get enough votes in the General Election?
Can Trump get enough votes in the General Election?

Just like Trump, Hillary has high unfavorable numbers, but voter turnout as always, will be the key. Can she excite the Democratic base, like Obama in 08, to turn up on voting day? Swing states will be key, Florida, Ohio and Michigan. Trump is unpredictable, which is a problem for Hillary because you can’t game plan for somebody who is so erratic but will enough voters pull the lever for a candidate who has never held any public office, little lone the office of the President.

I'm coming after you Donald.
I’m coming after you Donald.

Alternatively, elections can turn dramatically and between now and November is a long stretch and any unforeseen act could sway this election one way or another, such as an economic meltdown, terrorist event or natural disaster.

It will all come down to do the American people take a risk with the outsider Trump, or stick with the politician they know and elect Hillary R Clinton the next President of the United States. Most TV pundits predict Hillary in a landslide but through all the drama Trump has defied conventional thinking, whatever happens strap yourselves in because this will be one monumental battle for the White House.

5 thoughts on “Trump vs Hillary”

  1. I say, just flip a coin & put the 2+ billion towards their foreign debt or homelessness ????
    But since that would be far too sensible, bring on the big show! ????

    1. Well said. But alas in this consumer driven ratings juggernaut that is American TV what better way to drag out an election for months on end so you can advertise the car, insurance company, viagra, shampoo or whatever during the debates and every other tv show you can think of, whilst the candidates are beholden to their money donors (unless Donald fronts his own campaign…doubtful) and special interest….hey whats a billion here, a billion there, as long as the political machine gets fed every 4 years everyone goes home happy and richer……except the voter of course, who inevitably gets screwed because no-one can deliver on their promises because government is grid-locked in a corrupt and broken system……makes you want to move to Meereen and get drunk with Varis and Tyrian, invite Littlefinger too.

  2. I’m moving to Dorne… they have the best wine. They also have the spunkiest women…if you like that olive skin dark hair thing.

    1. I forgot to mention the best warm climate as well… I could never make it at Castle Black on the wall!

      1. Moving in with the ‘Whitewalkers’ might be good, I’ll get a chance to wear my Manly beanie and I don’t have to talk much ,then when I wanna go on holidays I can visit the red woman at Castle Black.

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