Did the 80’s ever really end?

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I think the 80’s are back; in fact I’m not sure they ever went away. Who doesn’t remember Gordon Gecko using that brick sized mobile phone in ‘Wall Street’ or how about the ‘new romantic’ phenomenon that was Duran Duran and the hysteria they created before some guy named Bieber was even born.

Some may call it the ‘lost years’ after the social significance of the 60’s and 70’s but who can argue with such culturally momentous events such as the Mullet, space invaders, shoulder pads and watching ‘Alf’ reruns. The 80’s are like the crazy uncle that’s just a tiny bit cringe worthy, you can’t have a serious conversation with him but he can crack funny jokes and be the life of the party.

I wonder if I can use this brick to build a house
I wonder if I can use this brick to build a house

Ronald Reagan may have raved about the ‘Evil Empire’, but who needs to think about a Nuclear Holocaust when you are trying to crack the rubix cube whilst singing ‘Purple Rain’ in your bedroom. Some things from the 80’s have just never left us, even today I’ll go into a pub and inevitably there they are, just waiting to take my $2, a Pacman or that wretched KISS pinball machine where I think the ball is magnetized to stay away from my ‘flippers’.

Who stole my hairspray?
Who stole my hairspray?

Turn on the TV today and there are 80’s heartthrobs all over the place, Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen, Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas might not be talking on his brick mobile phone but he is still gracing the big screen. Hollywood ran out of ideas so they just decided to remake the 80’s. Look at all the tv reboots they’ve turned into movies recently. Miami Vice, The A-team, The Incredible Hulk, The Dukes of Hazzard, and heck they just brought back Full House to the small screen, oh that Jesse is so funny. It’s just a matter of time before the MASH movie is out, you’ll see.

Who says pretty boys don't have longevity
Who says pretty boys don’t have longevity

Its time to break out the Walkman, grab a cassette and check out the bands coming to a city near you, ‘get in the groove’ and don’t be surprised if Depeche Mode, A-ha or Salt n Pepper are on their way. In fact on my radar is ‘Totally 80’s’ night in Sydney featuring musical heavyweights Wa Wa Nee, Real Life, Men Without Hats and many others, I’ll have my Don Johnson designer stubble perfectly shaped.

Long live Wa Wa Nee
Long live Wa Wa Nee

Andre Agassi may have rocked the acid-washed jeans in 1988 but don’t think they ever left. At the Alice Cooper concert I went to a few months back I saw plenty of acid wash, along with that classic 80’s hairstyle, the perm, I even saw a few aviator jackets, long live Top Gun and the jumpsuit has even returned, now people call it a ‘onesie’.

I'm sexy and I know it
I’m sexy and I know it

Yes, fellow ‘Perfect Match’ watchers, the 80’s never really left us, crikey, Donald Trump cemented his empire by purchasing the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City in 1988, and he could now be the President. Now, where’s that Spandau Ballet cassette I used to own?

8 thoughts on “Did the 80’s ever really end?”

  1. Ah, the fab 80’s. so many memories so many hangovers but best if all those “pretty boy’s” oh la la! We can’t forget the GREAT music either. Wonderful choice of pictures Davidhall.

  2. I turned 21 in 1980… I went to Jamaica, Canada, Mexico and about 25 of the 50 states that year. A keg of beer was $29. 7grams of weed was $12. I bought a brand new Volvo for $9600. My house payment was $262 per month. (3000 square feet on an acre of land on the river with a pool) My hair was sun bleached and down to my waist.

    Now, if I wake up and nothing hurts… I would think I’m dead.

  3. Thankfully at my age I can remember some of the eighties.
    Hopefully they don’t bring back the hair styles. I’m jealous!!

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